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Check Production Check for an updated production distribution from Note: The build process used to package the distribution is available for custom packages.
Check Latest Check for the latest beta release from
Check Preview Check for the latest preview release from This is an intermediate release between full betas that may be very unstable.
Hangup Modem Hangup the modem connection. This function only succeeds if there are no active modem users and the Dial-on-Demand was used to initiate the modem dialup.
Pause Server By pausing the server, new users are prevented from connecting to the server. Existing users are allowed to complete their activities.
Restart Server This function shuts down and then restarts the Sambar Server. New log files are created and all aspects of the system are reinitialized. Note: This feature should not be used when the server is running as an NT Service.
Shutdown This function shuts down the Sambar Server.