Server Features


Note: Many of the features described are only available in the Pro Server. The non-Pro server does not have timeouts or degraded performance on any of its functionality (except Servlet Runner).

Operating System Support
  • Runs on Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, NT, ME, 98 & 95 (Note: Win95 requires Winsock2)
  • Runs as a Service on NT, 2000, & XP. Supports multiple, independent services running concurrently per machine
  • Independent Watcher Daemon process insures high availablity by automatically restarting the web server if neccesary (with logging and e-mail notification)
Core Web Server
  • Multi-threaded, extensible Application Server with highly programmable API
  • Virtual domain support (currently name based) with independent document/CGI directories, log files, and error templates.
  • HTTP 1.1 KeepAlive (performance enhancing) and byte-range (download resume) support
  • Dynamic content compression
  • HTTPS (SSL) 128-bit encrytion support (OpenSSL included)
  • Integrated Log File Analysis
  • Documents and images can be cached in memory for performance
  • Document and CGI directory aliasing
  • Customizable and scriptable error templates allow database and email notification.
  • Graphing performance monitors and automatic log file report generation.
  • Bandwidth and per-user throttling.
  • Dynamic pages using CGI, ISAPI, JAVA, and SSI. Internal ODBC allows connections to most database types (Oracle, MS-SQL, MySQL, Access, etc)
  • Built-in SQL RDBMS (SQLite) for prototyping and modest projects.
  • HTML based system configuration and documentation
  • Easily installed, uninstalled, and movable (self contained directory structure with no external dependencies; ie, unresolved DLLs, Registry entries).
  • Easily configured via Web interface or text editor. Configuration files are stored local to installation directory and do not rely on the system Registry
  • Interactive SQL command interface (web based).
  • CRON Scheduling Daemon allows automation of virtually any process using native or add-on Script interfaces such as the internal scripting languages, PERL, or Java
  • Built in username/password, group, and IP address based security (via UNIX-style passwd file, SQL database, NT Authentication, or Radius Server)
  • Basic and Digest authentication mechanisms.
  • .htaccess support allows per-directory user, group, network, and transaction method (PUT,FTP,WebDav) restrictions
  • Comprehensive logging system for invalid requests, logins, script errors, and more.
  • Email notification and database logging of Errors via scriptable error templates or server API.
  • User definable access lockout interval for invalid login attempts and invalid URL requests.
  • Maintains separate log files for WWW access (per Virtual Host), DBMS, Java Engine, proxy, core server operations, and more
  • User definable custom log-file format.
  • SQL database logging support.

API support

  • Integrated Full-text Indexing Search Engine (boolean and wildcard searches), with Site Spider
  • Integrated Web Camera software

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