ALL-in One Server

6.4 Production - 23 June '06

- Fixed bug with calendar not updating (thanks Johannes Prost)
- Added document responsible for invalid htaccess rule.
- Fixed bug in pathing when back-slashes were used in directory pathing on WIN32 (thanks Johannes Prost)

6.4 Beta 9 - 16 June '06

- Fix for login throttling

6.4 Beta 8 - 13 June '06

- Added the ability to search through logs for a string thanks Ron Hartendorp)
- Clear login throttling on success login via .htaccess (thanks Peter)
- Increased timeout on SMTP spool removal when greylisting (thanks Chris Dixon)
- Fixed a bug in FTP throttling that resulted in user counts never decreasing(thanks Doug Scott).
- Fixed bug in report formatting of the daily/weeklog HTTP statistics.
- Fixed a system administrator throttle configuration bug (thanks Peter!)

6.4 Beta 7 - 9 June '06

- Fixed Favorites and Feeds to only require FEEDS access rather than Document Manager as well (thanks Dave Culbertson!)
- Modified server to select the first address other than when searching for the server address (thanks Ken Johanson).
- Modified JavaEng JVM arguments to pass -Xmixed to override the default Linux JVM -Xint (interpreted mode) startup (thanks Ken Johanson)
- Fixed crash when using Macromedia Dreamweaver with WebDAV and Digest Auth (thanks Keff Edwards)
- Fixed bug in reset of HTTP login timeout on throttling (thanks Peter)
- Fixed bug in windows case insensitive mail delivery when multiple router threads are enabled (thanks Jens Beiger Risom)

6.4 Beta 6 - 26 May '06

- Fixed bug in FTP Login monitoring that resulted in it being ineffective (thanks Doug Scott)
- Modified all htaccess mime-type directives to allow wildcarding of types (i.e. text/*)
- Fixed Total Spam Protection to support wild-carded email addresses(i.e. *sambar.com)
- Fixed deletion of IMAP folders via WebMail; overly restrictive folder naming (thanks Nick Carter)
- Modified keepalive behavior to more optimistic algorithm.
- Fixed bug in modifying task-list items in /sysuser (thanks Nick Carter)
- Removed MDNS announcements for FTP and mail servers. Only announce Sambar and HTTP stacks.
- Moved greylisting to after whitelist check (thanks Ron Hartendorp)
- Fixed FTP-SSL connection issues (tested with WS_FTP and Core FTP)
- Fixed /sysmgr and /sysuser I18N issues with file viewing and download
- Numerous fixes to /sysmgr and /sysuser (thanks Chris Dixon)
- Fixed bug in watcher daemon on Linux; bad number of arguments(thanks Ken Johanson)

6.4 Beta 5 - 14 May '06

- Unknown

6.4 Beta 4 - 5 May '06

- Fixed distribution of globals.c (thanks Chris Dixon)
- Fixed bug in reverse DNS Lookup (thanks Dave Culbertson)
- Fixed bug in display of save lists (thanks Steffen)
- Fixed DNSBL local blocking to add to local DNSBL even if client fails (thanks Ron Hartendorp)

6.4 Beta 3 - 25 Apr '06

- Added the mail directory to the valid path list for the showfile RPC.(thanks Christopher Dixon)
- Fixed bug in mail router processing that caused starvation of the retry queue if more than 1 router thread was enabled (thanks Christopher Dixon)
- Fixed bug in mailbox index building which caused the index to never match the folder when IMAP was used.
- Added support for IMAP IDLE command.
- Fixed checkbox associated with caching ASP data (thanks Steffen!)
- Fixed bug in edit/update of System Alerts (thanks Steffen!)
- Exposed per-user Access constraints for /sysuser functionality.
- Modified iMail interface to require both IMAP and SMTP servers to be configured on behalf of the user (per Vhost).
- Changed "Operations Per Minute" notation back to OPM on admin metrics.

6.4 Beta 2 - 18 Apr '06

- Fixed bug in saving security.ini changes
- Fixed CPU spin on non-port 80/443 requests
- Fixed bug in vhosts and revproxy management (delete support)

6.4 Beta 1 - 16 Apr '06

- Made VHOSTS and Reverse proxies dynamically configurable(create/enable/disable/delete).
- Modified Cron daemon to start up 4 minutes after server startup so no race conditions on starting scheduled tasks.
- Modified RequestDispatcher to throw more meaningful error on include/forward failure.
- Added FTP to Invalid Login monitor (thanks Claus Lund)
- Added "Save Attachment to Documents Directory" feature in WebMail.
- Moved accept() from main server poll method into thread handler to eliminate chance of blocking on SSL accept.
- Upgraded SQLITE3 to 3.3.4 release.
- Added "Not spam" mail routing rule.
- Fixed name validation issue (thanks Ken Johanson)
- Modified JavaEngine HTTPServletRequest.getRequestURL() to not append QUERY string to the URL (thanks Ken Johanson).
- Added /sbin to default "Root Directories" (thanks Jeff Robinson)
- Fixed JavaEngine output stream to allow -1 write(), a noop (thanks Ken Johanson)
- Fixed log rotation bug on system alert file on heavily accessed servers(thanks Steffen).
- Added local DNS Black list file option for IP addresses(mail/mbox/dnsbl.dbx). One IP address per line (thanks Ron Hartendorp).
- Modified to use PCRE rather than Henry Spencer's REGEX library.
- Added SQL-based document search/indexing.
- Fixed HTTP proxy and reverse proxy HTTP/1.0 keepalive issues.
- Alphabetized configuration files.

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