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6.3 Beta 3 Preview 10 - 18 Dec '05

- Fixed stack execution limit in CScript when processing nested mail messages(thanks Chris Dixon!)
- Added scalars RC@formatNumber and RC@formatCurrency.
- Fixed bugs in sysuser Document manager search introduced in beta 2(thanks Steffen).
- Modified sysuser and sysadmin search to use ASP interfaces.
- Added link to "All Albums" in photo album generator (thanks Keff Edwards!)
- Fixed crash in System Alert nightly reporting.
- Upgraded OpenSSL to 0.9.7i.

6.3 Beta 3 Preview 9
- 11 Dec '05

- Small fixes for report generation and some scripting bugs. 
- Major search engine enhancements

6.3 Beta 3 Preview 8
- 5 Dec '05

- Reverted MS compiler to previous working setup

6.3 Beta 3 Preview 7 - 29 Nov '05

- Additional MS compiler changes

6.3 Beta 3 Preview 6 - 22 Nov '05

- Fixed SambarCrash handler for Win2K, 98/ME.

6.3 Beta 3 Preview 4 - 14 Nov '05

- Added -q option to server.exe to not show usage data (type 'server -?' for startup options.

6.3 Beta 3 Preview 3 - 13 Nov '05

- Upgraded to Windows build to Visual Studio 2005 (improvide compiler optimization and buffer bounds checking).
- Modified Friends to function without User Directories if passwdfiles are used.
- Fixed several class loader bugs in the JavaEngine (thanks Ken Johanson)
- Fixed getPathInfo() for servlets (requires servlet-mapping and url-pattern configuration).
- Don't send email notification messages when max users reached(thanks Steffen!)
- Moved last error raised on the connection from RC$error to RCEerror.
- Fixed premature on network connection when JavaEngine was used(thanks Ken Johanson!)
- Fixed mailbox forwarding of files (thanks Chris Dixon!).

6.3 Beta 3 Preview 2 - 30 Oct '05

- Fixed SQLITE3 fetch bug (binding to non-character data was failing).
- Fixed bug in CGI timeout (thanks Dave Culbertson).
- Fixed log [tail] method that was broken in beta 2.
- Fixed several XSS vulnerabilities in the sysadmin forms(thanks Tom Stracener)
- Disabled enter key on mail subject lines (thanks Garry Lienhard)
- Upgraded zlib to version 1.2.3
- Upgraded SQLITE3 to version 3.2.7

6.3 Beta 2 - 7 Oct '05

- Implemented Friends functionality.
- Modified the passwd file format to add access constraints.
- The passwd file, once upgraded with this beta is NOT backward compatible.
- Implemented [urldeny] as an option for denying requests based on URLs.
- Set User-Agent: header for url2file requests so not blocked by aggressive security settings (thanks Steffen!)
- Added access argument to SA_PASSWD structure.

6.3 Beta 1.7 - 9 Sept '05

- Fixed numerous UI bugs (thanks Steffen)
- Fixed virtual host update to allow clearing of fields (thanks Chris Dixon!)
- Modified iMail interface to allow user to configure outgoing smtp server for message delivery.

6.3 Beta 1.6 - 7 Sept '05

- Fixed SSL hang on IE when uploading multipart msgs (thanks Ken Johanson!)

6.3 Beta 1.5 - 5 Sept '05

- Lots of /sysuser and /sysadmin UI fixes (thanks Steffen!)
- Added IMAP expunge command to deletion of messages and truncate of folder.
- Fixed dynamic configuration of mappings file (thanks Chris Dixon!)
- Upgraded to SQLITE 3.2.5.
- Modified HTTP proxy to return 502 request denied when proxy request denied (rather than 404). Thanks Keff Edwards.

6.3 Beta 1.2 - 23 Aug '05

- Reworked search indexer to build all indexes in-memory.
- Fixed bug in VHOST processing that did not support index.php as home page thanks Peter and Steffen).
- Allow mail sent via From: <> to be passed when VERIFY Sender enabled per RFC, thanks Chris Dixon)
- Added check of port 80/443 on startup so the server does not bind if the port is already in use (thanks Steffen)
- Added missing /sysimage/icons/pfolder.gif
- Fixed many UI issues (thanks Steffen)
- Fixed crash on FTP LIST command (thanks Steffen).
- Fixed FTP RWD crash when versioning is not enabled.
- Fixed crash when DBMS connection cache is exhausted (thanks Peter)

6.3 Beta 1 - 16 Aug '05

- Added error templates in ASP, JSP, PHP etc.
- Added ability to associated CGI handler (i.e. PHP) to a file extension so #! headers aren't needed.
- Fixed nested SQL execution (freeing of connection) in STM scripting thanks Peter).
- Added feature so individual users may setup mail forwarding.
- Added reverse proxy accept/deny in security.ini
- Enhanced blogging and photos
- Implemented calendaring support
- Implemented mail archiving feature to archive all mail messages.
- Implemented mail greeting delay option to block some spammers.
- Changed to 64-bit file I/O to support 2-GB+ files.
- Made keyword NULL case insensitive in CScript.
- Fixed bug in FTP server NLST command when listing invalid directory (thanks Dean Earley / icode.com)
- Removed Sambar signature from FTP and mail servers.
- Fixed bug in FTP CHMOD command implementation.
- Fixed mail server to retry greylisted mail messages (thanks Ron Hartendorp).
- Added ability to dynamically lock/unlock IP, User or Vhost from accessing the server via throttling interface (thanks Peter!).
- Fixed numerous cross-site scripting bugs identified by Jamie Fisher.
- Added support for SQLITE3 and modified server to use external DLLs for SQLITE releases.
- Added mail.ini configuration option to only run SpamAssasin on incoming mail messages (enabled by default).
- Removed all dial-on-demand functionality.
- Upgraded OpenSSL to 0.9.7g
- Added support for enabling and disabling most servers dynamically.
- Redesigned MIME handling of WebMail.
- Added RSS feed to WebMail.
- Added username to requests in the trace window.

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